• Improve your marketing effectiveness by delivering instant, on-the-fly rich media presentation to your prospects across the world.

  • Enable remote sales to deliver powerful presentations and demos with vivid visual experiences.

  • Everyone can participate in the Web Event instantly.

  • Reduce expense by eliminating room rentals and travel costs.

  • Help establish strong brand awareness by quickly delivering marketing and product messages to a large audience across the world.

Features for audiences

Content and interaction regions can be pre-arranged or self customized to best fit into viewing habit, business process and flows:
  • Full Interactive mode: You can move, drag and drop, or resize content windows inside the viewing panel.
  • Traditional three-section fixed viewing mode: Video, Documents,Q&A and Chat windows.
  • Video or document fully displayed mode: Full-screen for video or document, with small icons to show other sections
  • Two-main-section mode: Video and document are displayed side by side.